Our Core Values

D'Brujas root beliefs that guide us every day:

APPRECIATION: we believe in the beauty of the understated. We appreciate naturalness, individuality, and imperfection as the values that make everything unique.

BALANCE: we believe in balance and harmony to drive our formulations, created with intention to encourage a deeper connection between skin, well-being, and nature.

COMMITMENT: we believe in a responsibility with you and our planet when it comes to formulating skincare products. We use only consciously selected high-quality functional and performance ingredients to design safe and gentle formulas that do not strip away or disturb your skin. Just following the way nature intended our skin to look and feel.

TRUST: we believe in transparency as the first step to show respect for you and ourselves.

SIMPLICITY: we believe in simple formulations as our minimalist approach for an uncomplicated yet meaningful selfcare. Our plant-based products are made with no more than ten ingredients. We believe less is more.