D'Brujas, the home of meaningful simplicity, is a plant-based skincare collection, made by hand in los Ángeles.

Inspired by nature, created with intention; our aim here at D'Brujas is to help guide and encourage a deeper connection between skins, wellbeing, and nature.
We know the incredibly positive impact that contact with nature has on our wellbeing and the ability it has to assist that inner-self connection.
Intentionally simple formulations is our minimalist approach for an uncomplicated yet meaningful self-care. Our plant-based products are made with no more than ten consciously selected high-quality ingredients to design safe and gentle formulas that naturally address a variety of skin concerns, whilst offering a meaningful, sensorial experience. Our formulations promote strengthen skin barrier function, calm inflammation, soothe irritation, eliminate blemish-prone impurities and enhance radiance and luminosity.

All of our formulas are backed with years of research and development to create an artisan range of potent, botanical skincare essentials that benefit not only the skin but also, mood, emotion and overall wellbeing. 
Here at D'Brujas we hope to develop and cultivate meaningful conversations around nature, wellbeing, sustainability, living in the present, acting with intentions, and skincare.

When you choose to use D'BRUJAS, you not only get handmade, water-responsible, and minimal ingredient products formulated mindfully to cleanse, moisturize, balance, enhance, and condition your skin; but also make you feel good, and touch your soul.


Our Story:

The journey of D'Brujas began in Cuba, founded in 2013 by sisters Sandra Aldama and Liz Menendez. D'Brujas established itself as the first independent skincare brand in the country, and recently reached its ninth anniversary. Since then, D'Brujas has grown to become a favorite for locals and frequent tourists, and has been highlighted at memorable events. Former US President Barak Obama mentioned us in his Remarks to the People of Cuba in 2016. The University of Havana organized an exclusive entrepreneur event at which we presented our business to King Charles of Wales in 2019.


D'Brujas continues thriving in Cuba through the passion and perseverance of the strong women that form the Cuban team. We, Sandra and Liz, now wish to bring our take on simple yet meaningful skincare closer to you, in our new home.

What Started it All:

In 2010, Cuba opened the doors to private business and with that the possibility of bringing back our grandmother's passion. She was a business woman in 1957, before private businesses were banned. She was the owner of a perfume factory, single mother of two, and the support of her home. Changing times in the country took her business, but she never gave up her passion. We grew up surrounded by cream jars, oils, and makeup made by her hands. She struggled in her time as we had to struggle in ours. Her knowledge and character was our inspiration. The very first time we heard about zeolite was from her. She was the one who made us realize that two ingredients could be enough to get what you want from a product. That is why D'Brujas is rising once more, because of our grandma, who is 94 and keeps dreaming; as a symbol of resistance, as a breeze of hope, as an emotion that we want to share over and over again, wherever we are.